The Desk Consulting Group Inc. is a process consulting firm dedicated to supporting organizations to achieve their goals using group process methodology. We focus on current and emerging service questions and opportunities to allow your teams to find new and innovative answers. We bring a holistic team approach to your questions by bringing in a variety of thinkers. Our work enables your leadership team to find the best thinking in your organization.

Our Values

Our services are provided based on the principles of:

  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • Systems thinking for sustainability
  • Principles of quality management and safety
  • Evidence-informed thinking and decision making
  • Big picture thinking and action
  • Conflict resolution that builds relationships
  • Results that make a difference

History of The Desk Consulting Group Inc.

The Desk started in 1997 as the quality practice of Ethan J. Mings. My goal was simple, provide consultation services to individuals and teams on participatory methods to achieve goals on time. What made my practice unique is my passion for using technology to support consultation projects.

Today, the Desk Consulting Group Inc serves a wide cross of organizations. We focus on the areas enabling organizations to build comprehensive strategic plans that generate results. Our intricately crafted facilitation designs lead to strong and dynamic facilitated events bringing together people, ideas and insights to create powerful long-standing results. We serve clients throughout Canada.