Policy Development and Monitoring

We work with boards and senior teams on the development, monitoring and evaluation of policy documents. Policy development is critical to ensure the ongoing success of an organization and it requires a strong process to ensure it is current, accurate and helpful. Our work includes working with your team to identify the policy requirements of a board or organization, creating a process for writing the policy and developing a cycle of ongoing monitoring of the policies. We incorporate in our work external standards (e.g., CARF, Accreditation Canada, ISO) as well any other regulatory or funder requirements. Our Rapid-Response Business Process process enables you and your team to focus on the policy content while providing you with the confidence the policy will meet and exceed the needs of your organization.

As result of our service, we enable your organization to:

  • Build policy that works
  • Monitor external polices that impact your organization
  • Evaluate policies on an ongoing basis
  • Incorporate policy into the core and operating structure of your organization