Rapid-Response Business Process

Is an innovative tool designed for maximum efficiency, engagement and cost effectiveness.
In today’s world where RFPs, 3rd Party Assessments, Policy Manuals, Crisis Situations, Multiple Projects all compete for the executive’s time and resources, above and beyond the primary task of leadership and management of the business and clients – Rapid-Response can provide an alternative to the traditional continuous improvement process which can take months to plan, organize, evaluate and execute.

Mining an organization’s intellectual and knowledge capital in an environment of participatory and collaborative problem-solving and decision-making is the outcome of a Rapid-Response Process.
Designed for management teams, board of directors, project teams, virtually any group that needs to put it all together quickly, intelligently and packaged as an end product ready for distribution.

The Rapid-Response Business Process – in a nutshell!


A facilitated 8 – 12 hour participatory event for teams to plan, research, write, produce and package a Proposal, Manual, or Report.


Pre-Event Process:

  • Develop Event Charter
  • Meet with Event Co-ordinator to Develop Event Facilitation Plan
  • Collect Information, Organize, Distribute Pre-Event Package
  • Event Agenda, Supplies, Set Up and Take Down

Event Process:

  • Present Event Agenda and Materials
  • Group Facilitation, Manage Event Schedule to ensure Completion
  • Support individuals to complete tasks and assignments
  • Set Up and Manage production of final product and packaging
  • Debrief Group at Completion of Event

Post-Event Process:

  • Ensure Product meets the submission and deadline requirements
  • Conduct Evaluation of Event and Final Product
  • Prepare and Present Final Report