Mind Mapping Research

Doing research on a topic or project? Need a way to quickly see how to do something or understand a subject? Consider exploring the various Mind Mapping Templates on the web. There are a variety of sources where you can find templates. Let me share two sources I find very helpful. One source is Biggerplate and another is the XMind Map Gallery. Just enter the site, type in a topic of your choice (e.g., Project Management) and see a wide variety of maps on the topics. Exploring different Mind Map Templates has three big advantages.

First, you can get a quick summary of key points to consider when exploring a topic. For example, image looking at Mind Map on Project Management. The following is an example from the Biggerplate Library. I like how you can see the major elements all on one page.

Project Charter by Maneesh Dutt

The map illustrates different elements to consider – Requirements, Stakeholder, etc.

Second, you can see the thinking behind writing or communicating a message or writing. Some maps are summaries of writing, theory or complex theories. For example, the following is a book summary by an author on thinking about content to get customers

Get Content | Get Customers Map

Third, you can get examples of how to organize your day and your work. The following is example of map exploring how to use your time during the week.

How ? …. Do I Use My Time

A Mind Mapping template can be a great way to do some research to get started on your next project or activity. check out the template resources. I think you will be pleased at all of the different examples one can find online.

Jerry Mings
The Desk Consulting Group Inc.