Using a Mind Mapping Template

Finding a mind mapping template is a good start to solving a problem. The next steps is getting some ideas on how to make the best use of the template. Some templates come with instructions, other come with tips on on how to use the template. The team at eDraw Mind have pulled together a comprehensive list of templates with instructions on how to use them. The list of templates with supporting instructions provide a good starting point for making best use of template to solve a problem or get started on a project.

The Template Center has a rich mix of templates that you can see and read about. Figure 1 is the opening page in the Template Centre.

Mind Mapping Templates
Figure 1 – eDraw Mind Template Centre

For each of the Templates, you can click on the Mind Map to see example and supporting text information. I think an helpful set of maps is in the Strategy and Planning Section. The Impact Mapping Template can be helpful to focus on the impact of a decision to support implementation of a strategic decision in the organization. Figure 2 is a copy of the map from the Template library.

Figure 2 – Impact Mapping Template

The map also provides a written advice in answer to the following questions.

  • What is an Impact Map?
  • Why should you use an impact map?
  • What are the key Steps of impact mapping?
  • How to create an impact map?
  • Impact mapping Examples

I encourage you to explore the various templates with supporting instructions. I think you will find them useful as you work on your projects and activities.